It is said that there is beauty in diversity, and that is what happens to us with our hair (women’s hair); If there is anything that characterizes us or makes us look attractive, it is our hair.

While everything needs to be said to make him look the way he deserves, we need to give him the care and attention he deserves.

To achieve this, we need to know what kind of hair we have, so we will see what different hair types exist and what their main characteristics are. Also, let them know how best hair growth products for african americans.

Do you know what hair (hair) you have? We offer you a list of the most common hair, their properties and basic virtues or shortcomings.

Normal hair

It is recognizable by the fact that there is restrained, shiny, silky hair, because it produces the necessary fat, is not dry, but not greasy, really every woman would want to have this type of hair.

These are such healthy hair that they do not require any special care. Only when kept clean does it look impressive, hydrated and full of life.

Curly hair

This type of hair is coarse and has a large body. It has a defined S-shape. For some types of curly hair, S is huge, which creates more open and separated waves.

And in others, some S are small, making the curls finer and much more pronounced, making the bitter look more abundant.

Because it is highly climate dependent, it tends to damage and wrinkle when there is a lot of moisture due to heavy rain, snow or high winds,

On the other hand, it is usually dry, especially in high heat, so it needs to be constantly moistened with special products and what we consume.

Wavy hair

This is hair that may be thick or thin but is less defined than the type of curly hair and is therefore less dry because it is semi-curly.banga retains more moisture.

So we can say that its shape is between levels (straight) and curly, that is the middle.

His problem is that he gets confused easily, and it is this little thing that can lead a person with curly or wavy hair to dry combing, which is one of the most terrible mistakes.

We can make it, because combing this type of dry hair interrupts the S pattern they have, and the results are unpleasant.

Straight or smooth hair

Its fall is completely straight and has very little volume, but many of these hairs have an incredible shine because they have an incredible natural hydration; it is easy to comb. It is usually neither too greasy nor very dry.

Although there are those who have these problems with these bitters.

Excessively smooth hair (women’s hair) is difficult to curl or curl; Its advantage is that it is very resistant to hair, weather conditions usually do not have much effect, because due to their strong composition they are strong.

Dry hair

This hair is a real headache for those who have it because it is thin hair with very little fat and therefore easily breaks. It curls easily, not silky or smooth, but gives a curling effect, and the tips are wide open and beaten.

But don’t worry, if you start working, you can improve this situation; We must recognize that in order to achieve this, you must be patient,

Set a goal to change your beauty and health habits, and be prepared to invest in your personality and appearance.

Oily hair

As the name suggests, excess fat is one of its key properties. Some people’s scalp is oily by nature.

For example, in young people during puberty and for many women due to the effects of menopause.

Many women with oily hair say it’s a real challenge, and sometimes even annoying, because in the short term, they look dirty because the fat and excess fat makes the hair duller, denser. And it looks like you haven’t washed all day, even if you did it a day or two ago.

What is your hair type?

There is no doubt that there are so many different types of hair for women, and although we have not mentioned them all, if we can ensure that our hair type is one of the aspects that define and identify us, we must take care of them. she deserves it because we should all love our hair.

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