Over the past few years, fashion and trends have defined the global beauty industry. Both K-Beauty and J-Beauty, which cite beauty products from Korea and Japan, have been in the spotlight. However, research shows that Germany may be pursuing its own crown. Germany has the largest cosmetics market in Europe and its consumption value in 2020. amounted to around € 14 billion, followed by France and the United Kingdom. In this article, we aim to explain the possible reasons for the recent growth of the G-Beauty market.

German effect

Many may not realize this, but Germany is a very influential country. Germany is home to more than 80 million people and the German economy is one of Europe’s dominant markets. That’s why German is one of the most popular languages because anyone planning to do business in Europe will see more opportunities if they know or understand that language. It is therefore not surprising that the German cosmetics market is lagging behind some of the most important trends in the global beauty industry.

But it’s not just about the country’s economic power. The standards and ethics of the German beauty market are also contributing to G-Beauty’s growing success. For example, until some beauty and skin care products are infused with harmful chemicalsGerman beauty manufacturers are developing their skin care and cosmetics lines organically, on the farm.

A great example is Weleda, a Swiss and German skin care company that develops its products using biodynamic farms and laboratories. For those who don’t know, biodynamic farming methods reduce environmental impact and improve the quality of agricultural ingredients. this means that German beauty products contain more nutrients, active compounds and vitamins.

Less is more

The attractiveness of marketing German beauty and skin care products may also explain why G-Beauty is gaining popularity. As we mentioned, fashion and trends have defined the beauty industry in the past, and the same can be said for the global fashion industry. One of these beauty trends has been colorful packaging, and even companies like Kylie Cosmetics use bright colors and a unique packaging design to stand out in the market. However a profitable brand has faced some challenges this packaging in the past.

We have recently noticed that consumers are choosing the minimalist design and packaging of their products, and the G-Beauty market is suitable for this audience. In many ways, we see that in nail fashion as well. For example, bright nail polish colors such as the Hard Candy brand are now the second best after simple colors such as white and beige.

One of the great things about cosmetics is that each country has its own approach to the market and what it defines as attractive or popular. Also, because everyone is different, the industry is full of unique preferences. For example, everyone has different hair types, styles and textures. Eventually, however, we see that this industry is increasingly converging, and many people are drawing inspiration from markets that are not their own. Over the past few years, we’ve seen K-Beauty, J-Beauty and G-Beauty reach the North American markets, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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