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What is a runny nose?  Everything you need to know about the TikTok trend

TikTok has revealed some pretty weird skin care trends in its time. Using grease as a primer? It was one of the strangest. (Don’t, check out our list of the best primers if you’re looking for a new one.) But one of the ones that has stood the test and continues to work is sluggish. But what exactly is acne and what do dermatologists think about it?

What is a runny nose?

Slugging is inspired by the K-Beauty practice of using a thick emollient, usually a petroleum-based product like petroleum jelly, on top of your day cream to lock in the skin’s moisture.

“Slugging is based on the concept that the occlusive part of the three hydration principles (moisturizers, emollients and occlusives) is missing from your skincare routine,” details the skin expert. Fiona Brackenbury. “The best moisturizers will have a balance of all three.” The key is to get the ratio of these three right for your skin. The occlusive part is very important in creating a barrier that prevents water from evaporating and improving the skin’s ability to retain water in the skin.

Slugging works by locking in hydration under a layer of petroleum products such as petroleum jelly.

Does drooling actually work?

Surprisingly, this is one TikTok trend that hasn’t upset skin experts. Instead, some of them claim that there are real benefits. Dr. Ifeoma in EjikemCosmetologist and founder and medical director of the medical and aesthetic clinic Adonia Medical Clinic says: “It can be very beneficial for dry and very dry skin and when the skin barrier is compromised. If this is you, a good moisturizer that leaves you feeling stiff can help. However, if someone has oily skin, this is a no-no as it can clog pores and cause breakouts.

“Basically, it should work,” says Brackenbury. “However, slouching is not for everyone. If your skin is constantly feeling tight, loose, even flaky, I would recommend increasing the occlusion.

Is it good for your skin to use a petroleum based product?

“Vaseline-based products have been used for decades,” says Dr. let’s go “Because there’s a lot of evidence that they help reduce water loss, especially when the skin barrier is compromised.” It helps the skin feel more hydrated.

Brackenbury agrees, adding that you’ll feel the dry heat the most in the summer. “When the heat is dry and your skin is dry, occlusion will help. But when it is humid, the atmosphere lacks moisture. Air-conditioned offices in summer and central heating in winter will make your skin breathe.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

As mentioned, the scrub is really only for those with drier and more irritated skin. “However, scum doesn’t moisturize the skin,” says Brackenbury. So those with dry skin will also need to moisturize and hydrate, especially during the day. It will also benefit sensitive and dehydrated skin that feels especially tight around the cheeks.

However, if you are at least a little fat, ride well.

Things to look out for if you’re going to try scrolling

  • Do not exfoliate if you have overexposed yourself in the sun, as this will worsen the inflammation
  • Avoid scrubbing if you use exfoliating acids and/or retinol as this will cause irritation
  • Do not crawl on hot summer nights, as this will not allow the skin to cool down
  • Don’t skimp if your skin produces a lot of oil
  • “You’ll have to feel like you’re in a greasy pan and don’t forget your best silk pillowcases!” warns Brackenbury.

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