As living beings, we are always eager to change our appearance, and eye color is no exception. Having the same eye color every day can be boring – we can change our clothes, style and even hair color, so why can’t we change our eyes? Fortunately, there are some incredible ones colored contact lenses which can change our eyes no matter what color. Knowing what lenses to put on different colored eyes is a daunting task, but don’t look any further. The following is a simple guide to which colors work best for brown, green, blue, and gray eyes.

What color contact lenses are suitable for brown eyes?

Since 70% of the population has brown eyes, most colored contact lenses are designed with this in mind. Brown eyes are usually rich, and some may think it is impossible to cover dark eyes … think again. While some lenses may not make an incredible difference to the darkest brown eyes, they can significantly lighten the shade and eliminate its deep appearance, just choose opaque lenses. Light blue and light green lenses are perfect! Depending on your initial shade, they will increase dark adherence and shift the color towards dark / medium light blue and green. Green contacts will always look natural on any brown eye, as most green lenses have yellow or brown spots. Gray is the best contact color that can be worn with brown eyes. The shade is bright enough to cover the rich screen, and the gray color also matches all skin colors and hair tones.

What color contact lenses are suitable for green eyes?

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors in the world, and they are usually combined with almost everything – they are very versatile. With that in mind, for people who don’t want to stray from their green gems, there are plenty of green contact lenses that can be worn to get a slightly darker, lighter, or brighter shade of green. You can choose a playful shade that will give depth and shine. Brown lenses are another great choice for green eyes to maintain earthy tones. Light brown or hazel colored lenses are a great choice as they will preserve the natural look, brighten the eyes and give color differences.

What color contact lenses are suitable for blue eyes?

Did everyone really want blue eyes at some point in their lives? Unless you were born with them. Blue eyes are sought after, something mesmerizing when the eyes are blue like the sea or the sky. If you want your eyes to be blue and are just looking for an update, then a brighter and more intense shade of blue will be the best choice. Have dark blue eyes? Choose a light blue tone. Do you have light blue eyes? Go for a dark shade. There are plenty of blue contact lenses to change the color of your eyes without straying from your natural eyes. The blue color is easily coated, and for those who want a change, both brown and green are perfect. Choose rich shades to blur and mask blue brightness.

What color contact lenses are suitable for gray eyes?

It is reported that only 3% of people have gray eyes, and if you are the one who has them, it is easiest to cover them with colored contact lenses. Gray eyes can vary from person to person and can be dark gray, green gray, and bluish gray. For a brighter eye, choose a blue or green lens. They will be similar in color but will give extra shine to make your eyes stand out. To create a drastic transformation, medium to rich brown is a great choice. Shades will give fullness and softness, light gray will darken.

The eyes fascinate and present themselves in a wide variety of ways. More and more people are choosing colored contact lenses to change their look, and we hope this guide has helped describe what color contact lenses you should choose for your eye color.

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