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Is there anything more luxurious than the smell of His Malone? We don’t think so. When it comes to the best perfumes for women, the British brand is known for its unique portfolio of scents, which is adored by both celebrities and beauty lovers. In fact, even the royals are fans.

True, Kate Middleton’s favorite perfume is believed to be nothing else His Malone orange blossomsfresh, fruity scent with notes of clementine flowers, white oil and Oriswood.

It’s also not just perfume. The brand has a huge range of products: candles, diffusers, hand cleaners, shower gel, hair mist, etc., so you can have your favorite scent with you wherever you go.

The iconic packaging is recognizable by a mile, and we only like the ornate, neutral bottles on the dressing table. A perfume that is perfect for decorating? Now these are internal goals.

If you’re not new to the world of His Grace, it can be hard to know which scent to try first. From their classic bestsellers to exciting new releases, we’ve rounded out the brand’s favorite scents to complement your collection. We have included all the exclusive notes and the best opportunities to wear every scent because choosing the right perfume is not an easy task.

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The best Jo Malone perfume you can buy now:

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