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  • Whole tanning foam, healthy tanning water …

    Spring is already here, but it looks like you may have to wait a little longer for the sun to come out. While the UK weather won’t help us tan, there are many products on the market that make it look natural all year round in the sun.

    If you have read our guide to the best fake tanning, you will know that there are many different formulas. No matter how much we like mousse, we don’t like to wash bedding every time we apply it. If you’re a passionate manufacturer of fake tans, you’ll know that these products can be applied to just about anything, and we’ve lost a number of clothes and white linens that we had to replace.

    Fortunately, tanning waters have taken over the market over the last couple of years. These clear formulas promise a perfect tan without clutter. Sounds good? We have started testing the most popular brands ourselves and providing you with our own sincere opinion on each. Scroll down to see our best selections and learn all about how tanning water works…

    What did we look for when testing the tan? We wanted the tan to be easy to apply, not carry over and give us a wonderful glow for spring and beyond. Another important factor? Whether or not they had that awful fake tan smell.

    El. marketing writer Grace Lindsay tests the tan in this review

    The best tanning waters you can buy now:

    1. Bondi Sands Pure Self Tan sparkling dark water £ 15.99 | Looks fantastic

    “Bondi Sands self-tanning water is different from other transparent tans due to its sparkling formula. Like all the other clear alternatives, I needed to get a little used to it, but I didn’t notice any streaks or orange hands, despite the fact that the tan was – yes, you guessed it – transparent. If anything, the texture of the foam made lubrication a little easier – it’s a thicker texture, so I felt more like where I was applying it. I liked the color – it gave it a soft, natural, sun-kissed look – and when I used it, I didn’t notice the standard smell of cookies, which was a big win for me. Also, I didn’t notice any orange residue or stains on my bedding or clothes.

    “The interesting fact is, it’s not really rinsing, so you can spend the day without planning when to take a bath. And the best advice for you (I learned the hard way): When opening and lubricating, hold the bottle upside down because I noticed that if I didn’t, the foam would come out like water, which would complicate the process. ” Ally Head is a health editor

    2. TAN-LUXE Water-wetting self-tanning water medium £ 24.65 | Feelunique

    “Tan Luxe tanning water is really as simple as spraying, sanded and forward. Unlike other tanning products, this water smells surprisingly pleasant and dries instantly, so you can put it on in the morning without worrying about clothes. I tried the tan at night and woke up without the smell of a fake tan, without being carried on the bedding and with a healthy looking glow.

    “Since water has no color, be careful when polishing it everywhere, as it can be easy not to notice a few stains (as my hands will show). I stopped using a fake tan because I couldn’t cope with the stress and smell, but it turned me on. Dionne Brighton is a trainee writer

    3. Paradise Island Dark Self-Tanning Water and Refill Kit £ 33.90 | Looks fantastic

    “I like this tan because no skills are required to apply it. You can choose from three color-correcting shades, so you don’t have a choice. Dark tanning water is nourished with purple pigments that neutralize shades of orange.

    “You can also buy reusable tanning bags and even tanning powder to make the spray tanning effect feel comfortable in your own home. It does not transmit and the smell is not strong. What more could you want? ” Katie Thomas is a senior beauty editor

    4. Balinese body facial tan water £ 26 | ASOS

    “I was skeptical of the tanning water on my face because my skin can often react to different tanning products. But having tried it, I can’t imagine my beauty routine without it. All you need to do is put a little on a cotton ball and rub it into the skin. Results? Healthy looking radiant and hydrated skin. No irritation is seen. “

    “My one piece of advice would be to definitely mix it on the neck and on the chest for a perfect finish, otherwise there may be little contrast left. Grace Lindsay is an e-commerce writer

    5. „St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, £ 31 | Cult beauty

    “I’ve been in St. Petersburg for many years. A fan of Tropez products, I look forward to testing their bronze water foam. This tanning water had a tropical scent that best remained on the skin. The application was quick and dried quite quickly.

    “I joined him in the morning and in the afternoon I felt ready to go to the beach. I would say this tan definitely gives you more sun-kissed glow than rich colors, but it’s great if you’re looking for a more natural finish. Grace Lindsay is an e-commerce writer

    6. Dior Bronze Liquid Solar Self-Tanning Water £ 45 | Feelunique

    “If you want to a super a natural-looking tan, then it’s just for you. I was so impressed by the mist because it spreads evenly on the skin. I don’t always tan best with a fake tan, but I didn’t have to worry about this product.

    “It gave a silky finish, and the color developed throughout the day. Personally, I liked how it looked after one app, but I’m sure you can create a color over time if you want. Extra bonus? The bottle looks beautiful in my bathroom. Grace Lindsay is an e-commerce writer

    7. Sienna X Gradual Clear Tan Mousse £ 19.99 | Superfood

    “Of all the tans I tried, this scent was definitely the best, with notes of peach, pear and nectarine. It was so good that the friends of the apartment even asked what perfume I was using! The water turned into foam during lubrication, making it much easier to penetrate the skin.

    “I tan at night and wake up from the fresh white sheets and the healthy glow. If you want a richer color, I recommend re-applying it the next day. Grace Lindsay is an e-commerce writer

    What are tanning waters?

    Tanning water is often in the form of a clear spray and can be used on both the face and body for a full glow. According to Looks fantastictanning water “mixes water, skin-loving vitamins and active tanning ingredients to moisturize, soften and tan your skin in one step”.

    “Because they are so light, tanning water is so quickly absorbed into the skin and does not clog pores or burden the skin, making it great for all skin types.

    Most tanning water will be released in a couple of hours and won’t get on your clothes or bedding, which means you can apply them almost anytime of the day. Easy, right?

    How to lubricate tanning water

    Each tanning water is likely to come with individual instructions, but it is often sprayed on the skin before being lightly mixed with a tanning glove. Of course, it always helps to prepare the skin beforehand. Before applying, we recommend wiping the skin and applying a moisturizer to all dry areas, such as the elbows and knees.

    So, you have it. If you want to try more fake tanning formulas, be sure to review our round best instant tanning and best gradual tanning products. We also have a guide on how to remove a fake tan.

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