Ah, blonde hair. It causes Sun-In nostalgia, Brigitte Bardot’s sexuality and makes us wish we could all be California girls. Unless green tones penetrate and spoil the sun’s uplifting effect. However, there is no need to lose your mind (sorry for the pun), because then the best purple shampoo is overwhelmed with impressive toning restorative powers.

If you’re not new to this type of shampoo, you’re in luck – we’ve talked to some of the biggest hair experts in the field to explain how it works and how to use it. Read on to find out everything you need to know…

What causes brass hair?

Undoubtedly this is the biggest enemy of blonde hair: brass. Why is this happening? “Lighter strands often try to look shiny and healthy,” says Steve Shiel, chief research officer at L’Oréal. “This is because free radicals break down proteins in the dyeing process, making blonde hair porous.

This porosity means that bleached hair absorbs unwanted minerals and metals from the tap and acquires a yellow tint over time. “It also means that blonde hair absorbs light rather than reflects it and is more prone to damage,” adds Shiel.

What is a purple shampoo?

Simply put, a shade of purple is the equivalent of hair care for a fierce personal guard. It protects against dullness and unwanted warm tones between coloring appointments.

“The purple shampoo neutralizes the yellowness of blonde hair, leaving a creamy to ash effect,” explains the main colorist and celebrity favorite. Josh Wood. “It’s because yellow and purple are opposite each other in a circle of colors.

So when you wash with this particular shade of shampoo, it settles the purple pigment into the light hair to prevent the yellowish shades that start to shine.

How to Use Purple Shampoo |

This may seem obvious, but the purple shampoo is not for your daily foaming.

Those who lighten their hair and live in hard water (as a result of which more minerals accumulate on the strands) should use it only once a week. This means that one bottle will suffice until the next choice of colors, if not longer.

But Zoe IrwinJohn Frieda Salons, creative director, advises customers to be careful as purple products may dry out.

“I pour half a bottle of purple shampoo into half a bottle Oribe Moisture Control Shampoo (£ 45 | Cult Beauty),’ she says.

“The effect is milder both because of the color and how my hair feels afterwards. I would not recommend applying purple shampoo to the ends. Hair can be up to four years old, so it will attract too much purple pigment.

“If you can’t avoid that, first coat the ends with a conditioner to create a moisturizing base and dilute the shampoo. Then apply the purple s-shaped shampoo over medium length and rub it with your fingers to allow the pigment to settle evenly.

How long should you leave the purple shampoo?

It all depends on the instructions on a particular bottle, but it’s important not to overdo it. “If you leave the purple shampoo on for too long, your hair will have a blue-purple hue,” warns Irwin.

Session stylist Ali Pirzadehas agrees and recommends the use of a regular conditioner at a later date. “I wouldn’t bother with purple conditioner either, because you want to make sure your hair is still nourished.”

What is the difference between a tonic and a purple shampoo?

Toners cool or warm your color between visits to the salon.

The home version is the equivalent of a semi-permanent color treatment mask. Without peroxide or ammonia, it won’t really elevate your color, but it penetrates the skin of your hair and takes away a small amount of lilac color. It lightens old hair dyes and enhances their shade, as well as prevents fading and increases shine.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Protect Purple Reviving Oil £ 12.99 | Feelunique
This is the first brass removal oil. For use between washes on clean towel-dried hair. Add 2/3 drops to dry and brittle tips to instantly tone and moisturize.

See offer

Below is a selection of the best purple shampoo for blonde hair. Our senior beauty editor, Katie Thomas, selected them, testing each one personally. She has blonde hair and loves an ash shade. All she didn’t like was just not on the list. She paid special attention to the following things: how her hair felt later – whether it felt dry or soft to the touch, and how well it reduced the greenery.

Here are her recommendations for the best purple shampoos…

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