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    When doing your skin care routine, always make sure you apply the best eye cream. However, if the skin under the eyes needs a little extra TLC, we may have just that.

    Due to too many hours spent on the phone and too few hours spent sleeping hard, we often wake up to notice that the eye area looks (and feels) too swollen and dry.

    This is not surprising – because there are fewer sebaceous glands and the skin is much thinner than the rest of the face, the area around the eyes tends to be damaged and is one of the first places to suffer when it gets tired (stressed), stressed and dehydrated. (yes, check again).

    But not all is lost. There are many smart under-eye patches and masks on the market for this place. We started testing them to find the best ones.

    What were we looking for when trying on eye masks? We took into account a few things, such as whether the masks made our areas of our eyes less puffy and whether our skin felt more moisturized. We also checked that the masks do not irritate the area as the skin around the eyes may be much more sensitive.

    Health editor Ally Head and e-commerce writer Grace Lindsay test eye masks in this review

    The best under-eye patches and masks you can buy now:

    Heavenly Black Diamond Eye Mask £ 12 | 111 Oda
    This eye mask has been designed to combat fine lines and dehydration. It contains a small amount of retinol, which restores the texture of the skin without irritation, vitamins that improve color change, and a strong peptide complex that fights wrinkles. While just one mask is a little expensive, we all want to treat ourselves when we need an extra boost.

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    Patchology Flashpatch Regenerating Night Gels, £ 50 | Cult beauty
    We love these patches under the eyes because they are specifically designed for use at night. They contain many strong active ingredients that lighten the skin, reduce dark circles and soothe tired, restless eyes just before bedtime. In addition, they perfectly relax the skin.

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    Sarah Chapman Skinesis Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask £ 78 | John Louis
    If you really You can’t go wrong with Sarah Chapman to be healed. This clever eye mask is uniquely designed to focus the eye contour 360 °. It is designed for three important areas, and the most advanced complex of advanced, scientifically active ingredients helps to visibly smooth the eyebrow line, lift sliding eyelids and lighten dark circles.

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    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Eye Patches £ 45 | Skincity
    Patches under the eyes of Peter Thomas Roth are loved by celebrities, including Selena Gomez. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, the new Water Drench Eye Masks absorb moisture from the atmosphere and trap it in the skin to reduce puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue. Zephyr root extract and caffeine work together to remove and soften small wrinkles to create a brighter, younger looking eye area.

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    Dior Eye Reviver patches, £ 23 | Dior
    Let’s be frank, one of the main reasons we love these Dior eye masks is that they make a great Instagram photo. Rejecting personalities also helps to revitalize the eye area and instantly leaves a glow, so we use them in the morning before doing makeup.

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    MIJ hydrogel eye patches 002, £ 25 | Harvey Nicholsas
    When we heard that Maya Jama had her patches under her eyes, we knew we had to try them out. The innovative hydrogel design instantly cools and is soaked in an intense blend of moisturizing glycerin, hyaluronic acid, protective panthenol and allantoin. We saw (and felt) a noticeable difference in tired eyes after using them.

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