It’s important to protect your skin from the sun at the best time, but it’s even more important as spring approaches. Daily use of the best SPF moisturizer is such an important step in your skin care routine.

In addition to the well-known risk of skin cancer, the sun is also one of the biggest drivers of skin aging. Why? Because the sun damages your skin and causes inflammation – and we’re not just talking about burns. Like Paula Begoun, founder of the cult skin care brand Paul’s choice explains, “Inflammation destroys the structure of our skin.”

So if we want healthy and youthful skin, we really need to protect it from the sun. who. Lonely. Day. (Yes, even in winter. Yes, even when working from home.)

Setting up a proper daily sunscreen regimen can be tricky, but adding this essential SPF to one of the best moisturizers will protect your skin every day and you won’t worry about it too much.

SPF moisturizer and sunscreen: what’s the difference?

Let’s first find out the common confusion: the difference between SPF moisturizers and a separate face cream from the sun.

In short, SPF moisturizer is great for very basic sun protection. Sun protection is not its only function as it also performs a moisturizing function. Think of soothing dryness, fighting discoloration, as a wonderful treatment for hyperpigmentation, and wrinkle relief. If you’re feeling a little lazy, traveling and trying to use as few products as possible, or just one of those people who doesn’t remember to smear SPF, this is a good choice.

On the other hand, sunscreen has only one function: to protect the facial skin from the sun.

SPF moisturizers are ideal for the fall and winter months when the sun is not so strong. You should wear SPF every day, even if it is cloudy and overcast, as UVA rays can still penetrate the cloudy sky and windows. So, good luck finding excuses for missing it.

When summer comes (and, of course, any vacation to sunnier lands at that time), SPF Moisturizer isn’t enough protection and you’ll need to double it. This is when you need to pick up the best face creams from the sun. In addition, you will need to wear one of the best sunscreens on your SPF moisturizer if you sunbathe or will be outside for a long time.

“Many people think that their moisturizer will have enough SPF,” says a consultant dermatologist. Dr. Justine Kluk. “It simply came to our notice then British Association of Dermatologistsmoisturizer with SPF will only help protect you from low levels of UV light – for example, when you get in the car.

These moisturizers will not provide the same degree of sun protection as the best sunscreens, especially for prolonged exposure to UV rays. True, the SPF moisturizer is tested in the same way as the SPF sunscreen – so technically, the SPF 30 moisturizer formula will provide the same level of protection as the sunscreen with an SPF of 30. But things get weaker. to the application.

“To achieve the SPF on the label, you need to apply at least half a teaspoon to your face, which people rarely do,” says Kluk. Think about how you apply a regular moisturizer; do not apply a thick layer that covers the face and neck well as you would a sunscreen before going to the beach.

“In addition, SPF moisturizers are less resistant to abrasion and water. For these reasons, they will not provide the same level of protection as the best sunscreens, ”adds the doctor.

It is also worth noting that moisturizing creams containing SPF also do not always protect against UVA rays. “As a result, they will not protect against UV aging in the same way as a wide range of sunscreens,” Kluk said.

Another important step in sun care is reuse. So when you apply an moisturizer with SPF or a sunscreen, British Leather Foundation recommends replenishing every two hours. This is tricky if you have a full makeup face, which is the best spf you can apply on your makeup.

However, having SPF in your daily moisturizer is never a bad idea. Because on days when you work from home or are cloudy, you need extra daily defense.

Here is our selection of the best SPF moisturizers…

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