Hide dark circles and mask blemishes with the best masking tool to combat all imperfections

Whether you want to mask terrible dark circles under your eyes or hide the base of all blemishes, the best masker is sure to be in your makeup bag.

Rest assured that there is a tool to fake the look of eight hours of sleep, to mask skin rashes or redness, regardless of your budget. But first you need to know a few experts to ensure perfect makeup.

“Not all masquerades are the same and not all of them will do everything,” said MAC World Senior Artist and BBC. Glow Up judge Dominyk Skiner tells us. “The collector is like a pair of shoes; you need different for different occasions. When choosing one, you need to ask yourself “what is it for? and “where is it going?”. This will help you find your way through the forest of choices.

You will also need to think about the finish you like best – matte, dewy or semi-matte if you want something creamy that falls between the two.

Find the best concealer for dark circles

“The eyes need something to strengthen, such as MAC Pro Longwear, £ 22. This means that it will not wrinkle and will not start to lift your mascara, which causes panda eyes to appear at the end of the night, ”explains Dominic.

“You may also need a shade, more pink or coral than your skin tone, as this will help eliminate those dark circles. Of course, the best eye cream can also help improve the look of dark circles and bags, as well as provide a good foundation for your chosen mask.

It should be noted that dark circles under the eyes are very often inherited, so you will not get rid of them at all. However Zoë Taylor, Chanel’s make-up artist offers a facial massage before applying the mask. “Lazy lymphatic drainage can really highlight the problem,” she explains. “Facial exercise is a big part of any skin care, but don’t underestimate how much it can help with lymph drainage.”

She also says: “When you use one under the eyes, it all depends on the easy layering of the products.” She recommends adjusting the color, then applying the foundation before applying the mask. And mix each of them into the skin with a very soft, fluffy brush.

And her last piece of advice? Highlighter. “Applyed with a fingertip and patted on the outer corners of the eyes, it perfectly distracts from the small wrinkles in the area.”

Choosing the best concealer for acne and blemishes

“To hide stains, you need to choose a creamy texture product,” Dominic continues. “It will prevent dry skin from cracking and peeling during the day. It’s best to choose the one that is closest to your skin tone, and I think tapping is the best way to completely mask the blemish.

“For skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone, I recommend a liquid because you can create a flawless coating. In addition, you can mix it into a regular liquid base to give an extra red carpet finish. MAC Studio Fix 24 Hour Smoothwear Concealer GBP 19.50, is amazing, and fashion week and the award season are a key element of my set. For maximum results, combine it with a great hyperpigmentation procedure.

And what about the best camouflage brushes?

While some people prefer to use a concealer “stick” or tip, it is recommended to use a brush to take full advantage of the product and get a beautiful, even finish and even coverage. In terms of size, we offer something similar to the Bobbi Brown camouflage brush, £ 25.50or the classic MAC 195 brush, £ 16.50. Or tap it into the eye area with your finger – it fits perfectly in the inner corner of the eye and below the lash line.

Concealer before color corrector

Color correctors work great with your concealer; as the name suggests, their color is correct and not completely obscured. For example, if your eyes are blue or purple, it is a good idea to use a peach, orange shade concealer before the concealer.

On the other hand, if you have a very angry red spot, the green hue corrector will remove part of that pinkish tinge of the signal ignition while you cover it.

Our favorites are MAC Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palette, £ 30Revlon PhotoReady anti-red color correction pen GBP 8.99and L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Palette, GBP 12.99.

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The best camouflage

The Marie Claire Beauty Team has tested a number of camouflage products to remove blemishes, circles under the eyes and blemishes. Only the best were on the list. The team evaluated the maskers for everything from application, texture and finish to shade range, coating and price.

So, let’s find you the latest masking tool…

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