They say the eyes are a window to the soul, so give them the respect they deserve.

You will find mascara in every makeup bag up and down the country. It is arguable to the most commonly used makeup product in our collective beauty kit. Think about it: you have many basic choices – the very best foundation, cracking BB creams, five-star toned moisturizers – there are the best bronzers and blushes that will give your facial skin depth, and you have moisturizing balms or creams. manufacture of lipsticks. But mascara is the only permanent remedy; There are no alternatives to increase the length of the lashes, open the eyes and make them bloated. And in the world we currently live in (Zoom calls a lot, and face masks are still a must-have), having the best mascara is even more important.

What to look for when looking for the best mascara

You really need to know what you want to get from us before you buy. Consider what kind of look you want: defined, natural-looking lashes or bulky ones to make your look dramatic? Once you have decided on your top lash strengthening priority, it will help you choose the right wand. Plastic combs and brushes better define and lengthen lashes because they are often thinner and less thick. Traditional bristles are very important to give volume and smoothness as they are plumper and spread more product on the lashes.

Color is also important. Black has long been the most popular, but it can wash away lighter skin tones, so if you fall into this category, it’s worth choosing brown or dark blue in your beauty arsenal. Then do you want your eye color to stand out? Choose a color that will highlight it. Purple and blue accentuate blue and green eyes, while brown accentuates hazelnuts.

And, of course, another solution – do you need a long-lasting, water-resistant formula? If you have teary eyes or are prone to smudges, you may want to buy a waterproof (or at least waterproof) purchase.

Mascara Top Tips

No matter which formula you end up choosing, here’s a tip from the legend make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury about the best lubrication technique: “zigzag the brush from side to side while pulling the brush up from the base of the lashes. This creates more volume because you apply more product to the lashes.

For lower lashes, turn the brush vertically. “The thinner end will help control the program more precisely,” adds Charlotte.

And of course, always use a second layer to maximize results. But resist the urge to pump the wand up and down the tube. “Your mascara will dry out faster because you will put too much air inside. Instead, slowly rotate the brush around the tube.

We’ve tried and tested so many mascara over the years that we’ve really lost count. From Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara Cult classic – to Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push up Lashes, which shook the industry, we did fieldwork. And what can we say for sure that the best mascaras really have a transformative effect.

So how do we test? There are certain things to look out for when trying any new mascara that falls into our embrace. We are interested in such things as a rod – the type and shape of the bristles; effects on lashes – does it add volume or length (or both ?!); formula – do you feel it on your lashes or nourish those little hairs? and finally the price.

Scroll down and find the best mascara in the industry. You are sure to find your new favorite…

Marie Claire appeared for the first time in the top 17 mascaras that open your eyes and make them impressive.

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