It all starts with a good foundation, so we’ve rounded out the best makeup foundation purchases to help you find the best option.

Finding the best makeup foundation is the first step in improving your makeup routine. It’s a simple enough principle, but boy, can it be complicated.

It should be a pleasure to wear and a joy to wear. It should improve the look and feel of your skin, mask any particles you want to hide, smooth out any imperfections and create the perfect canvas for the rest of your look.

How to choose the most suitable foundation for yourself

There are many things to consider when looking for a new foundation. First, the finish – do you want one that is shiny, matte, or somewhere in between? And then there’s the coverage. Do you prefer a full coverage formula or something that is pure?

And it’s not even before you figure out your skin type. The best foundation for dry skin will be nourishing and moisturizing, and targeted non-comedogenic formulas are the best foundation for oily skin. If you’re a little oily in the t-zone but have dry cheeks, you’ll want the best foundation for combination skin. Or, if skin pigmentation is of the greatest concern, it is necessary to create a full covering base.

We also recommend looking at more than one basis. Our skin changes throughout the year, as do individual priorities, so consider purchasing two key products to keep in your kit. Probably a richer, lighter shade formula would be more suitable for you in the winter. Then comes the summer when it’s warmer and your skin tone has also brightened up a bit, take advantage of a darker shade and lighter texture in standby mode.

The best thing to do when buying a new makeup foundation is to shop around and try on the shades, but as our lives become more digital, there are some smart and technical ways you can now buy the foundation online.

How to Buy Makeup Foundation Online

1. is a site that compares hundreds of different shades from all of your favorite brands to help you find the best color. For example, if you know the shade of Estée Lauder Double-Wear, £ 35 and the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, £ 35then she will recommend the shade of bareMinerals Original Foundation, £ 29 you should go.

2. Il Makiage

The basic quiz in Il Makiage Power Match is extremely accurate. It asks you 20 questions – from what kind of jewelry you wear to your skin’s worries, and finally to your email. send your recommendations by mail. Marie Claire senior beauty editor Katie took the test and was amazed at the perfect formula and shade. If for any reason your quiz would pass there is no but for goals (accuracy is said to be 96%, so someone has to get into those 4%), you have 60 days to return the basis to change or refund, or 30 days if you missed the quiz.

3. Dcypher

People outside of Dcypher don’t think any of the shades on the beauty shelves are good enough. They want to help you find an * exact * match. They’ve created a technology that creates your perfect formula – one that perfectly covers, textures, finishes and tones to match your skin tone. Visit their website, take three photos of your face, answer a few questions about your personal preferences and they will create a completely unique code for you. They will first send you a sample to check if everything is fine (and if not, you will be able to make changes) and when you are satisfied you will be able to order a make-up base when you need it.

Should I apply a make-up base or concealer first?

It’s an eternal beauty debate: to hide or not to hide in advance? While there really isn’t a right answer and it all depends on your personal preferences, many make-up artists are in favor of a camouflage tool. then foundations.

Why? Because applying an amazing foundation makes it much easier to determine which areas need extra coverage from the best masking agent and how much product is needed on those areas.

It is also possible that applying a make-up base on the concealer will wipe out a lot of the good work you have just done, not to mention wasting the product. Also, your foundation should do most of the footwork anyway – think of the concealer as an extra glow.

How to make the foundation last all day

If the foundation is really suitable, we recommend applying the best primer before the foundation. Or there are some really great makeup-fixing sprays that you would use as a last step to actually fix.

But if we can give one good piece of advice, the key to really good makeup lies in a great skin care routine. If you want the make-up base to look as great as possible and last as long as possible, it’s best to do it on well-moisturized, healthy and smooth facial skin. You wouldn’t build a house without a good foundation, so the same rule applies here.

Regular exfoliation of the skin and removal of dead cells will help stop the foundation from accumulating around any scaly stains. Using the best facial serums and tonics for your skin type will ensure that your skin is in the best condition and the foundation will glide perfectly.

Fund and SPF

Just because your makeup is based on SPF doesn’t mean you should miss the best sunscreen action. The amount in the base formula is not enough and we are certainly not applying enough base to provide adequate protection. The recommended amount of sunscreen for face and neck is half a teaspoon, and you probably don’t apply that amount of cream every day. In addition, SPF only protects against UVB rays, not UVA – so your sunscreen should be “broad spectrum”. (In summary, UVB rays burn the skin, UVA rays cause skin aging, and both can cause skin cancer.)

The best foundation in 2022:

We’ve tried hundreds of makeup basics over the years, and as soon as new ones fall out, we try them out. So how do we test? What are we looking for in the best foundation? First we want to know which skin type it is best for. Let’s take a look at the formula below, is it full coverage, medium or more washable colors? What Finish Does He Have Then, How Does It Keep On The Skin? Will you be able to do that by the end of the day? Also, look at the shade ranges, will all skin tones be able to find their match? And finally, we look at the price.

With all this in mind, let us help you find the next best foundation…

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