There are so many incredible beauty products and too few hours a day. New make-up, skin care, hair care products and products are introduced every week, not every day.

But it’s hard to know if in some cases you believe in the excitement. No one likes to spend hard-earned money on something they will never use and later regrets buying.

This is where I come from. I’m lucky to see products in front of them in stores. From the best mascara and the best eye cream to the best moisturizer for dry skin and the best purple shampoo – I try and try everything to see what makes a fuss.

Every month, I give you a breakdown of the best new permits you should fight to get your hands on before they sell out (which, trust us, it happens). I want you to know all about beauty so you can make good, informed decisions.

Best beauty:

  1. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Eye Serum 2.0, 92 GBP
  2. Too Faced Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax, £ 18
  3. Bella Freud Ciao diffuser, £ 155
  4. FaceGym skin changer, GBP 38
  5. Victoria Beckham Posh Gloss, 26 GBP
  6. His Loves Body & Hair Mists, from £ 45 | Cult beauty
  7. Kiehl’s Eye Super Multi Corrective Eye Zone Treatment, £ 41 | Looks fantastic
  8. Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Body Gel, £ 50 | Cult beauty
  9. Hermès Hermèsistible Infused Care Oil Lip Gloss, £ 44 | John Louis

So what new beauty products are in the world of makeup, skin care and hair care this month?

There are two great new eye models from Elizabeth Arden Prevage and Kiehl’s. Both promise to help us mask the signs of aging and fight the causes. Adhesion is one of my favorite new eyebrow products from Too Faced. I don’t have many Too Faced products, but now it’s firmly entrenched in my makeup bag. I also added some summer scents – for you and your home.

Keep scrolling to see the best makeup and skin care products we’re curating in stores this month. Be sure to check out here and find out about all the latest new beauty products in 2022 when they are released…

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