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The best foundation for pale skin, according to the Marie Claire beauty team (and how to find your shade) |  Marie Claire

Struggling to find a shade that’s light enough for your skin tone? We’ve got you covered

Trying to find the best foundation for pale skin hasn’t always been the easiest task. As a teenager, you probably remember all too well that you couldn’t find a purchase that didn’t leave your orange jawline. Ah, streaks.

Fortunately, the range of foundation shades is much wider and better these days, so we have no doubt that the best foundation is perfect for you.

How to find the perfect complexion

“First, it’s good to be aware of your undertone, whether your skin has warm yellow undertones or rosy undertones,” she explains. Bobbi Brown Professional Artist Aimee Morrison. “There are several ways to find out. For example, if you think you look better in gold jewelry, you probably have a warm undertone, and if you look better in silver jewelry, you may have a cool undertone.

“Or if you look and feel better wearing rose gold jewelry, chances are you’re neutral undertones—meaning your skin has a balance of pink and yellow tones.”

London based MUA Buster’s Knight, who has worked with the likes of Millie Bobby Brown and Vogue Williams, let us in on the secret weapon in her makeup bag. “Felt tips”.

Yes, you read that right. To find the perfect shade, Buster says, “Take an olive green felt-tip marker, a blue felt-tip marker, and an orange felt-tip marker. Draw a line on the back of each wrist, and the color that “blends” the most determines your shade.

What to look for when finding the best foundation for pale skin

In addition to perfecting your shade, it’s good to know if you’re going to tan soon. Aimee says: “Know whether you want your foundation to match your skin tone, or if you want it to be slightly warmer – this can depend on the time of year you’re buying your foundation and whether your skin tone will change. For example, if you’ve booked a holiday and you know you’re going to tan, or if your complexion stays the same throughout the year.

Finally, the golden rule for finding the perfect combination is to match the shades. “At Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, we will always sit you down and match you with the right shade to help you find the perfect foundation. You’ll also get a free seven-day sample to take home to make sure you’re 100% confident in the shade and formula.

Pro tip: “Try not to try to find the perfect match by testing the product on your back, because that’s where the skin really differs from the complexion.”

We’ve tested shade after shade to give you the edge in your search.

But before we start the test, here’s one more Pro tip. Elaine Lynskey, who is admired by none other than Phoebe Waller Bridge, says, “Foundation testing starts with the skin. For any foundation to feel good, skin needs to be moisturized and exfoliated. Basically, before you dive into the world of foundation, you need to read our best moisturizers and best toners guides.

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