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Prime Day electric toothbrush deals: Save over £250 on Oral-B now
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    Let’s face it, a good electric toothbrush is one of those beauty items that is prohibitively expensive. That’s why Amazon Prime Day is a great time to take the plunge and invest in a shiny new one.

    The UK is facing its worst cost of living crisis in decades. That’s why we share editor-approved deals and investment recommendations wherever possible—to encourage smart investing, not mindless spending.

    There’s huge discounts of over £200 (that’s over 70%) on Amazon right now, and luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best of them here.

    However, please note that all discounts will apply ends at midnight tonight. So if you haven’t checked your cart yet, please do so as soon as possible. Trust us when we say it’s too much of a savings to pass up.

    Prime Day Electric Toothbrush Deals: The Best Deals to Shop Before You Go

    See, Amazon really didn’t skimp on Prime Day beauty deals this year. So without further ado, here are the Prime Day electric toothbrush deals you need on your radar. (You can tell your dentist to thank us later.)

    Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000 Pink electric toothbrush, was £349.99 now £128.99 (saving £221) | Amazon
    For whitening, you can’t get much better than this Philips Diamond Clean. To promise a whiter smile after just one – yes, one! – day, it has four cleaning modes, so you can adapt it to your individual needs.

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    Oral-B Smart 6 electric toothbrush, was £219.99 now £59.99 (save £160) | Amazon
    If you’re someone who tends to brush too hard, this Oral-B Smart brush is for you. The easy-to-hold handle features a gum pressure control that automatically reduces brush speed and gives a visual warning if you’re brushing too hard. With five cleaning modes, it’s also a great choice for more sensitive smiles.

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    Oral-B iO 4 lavender electric toothbrush, was 240 lbs now £89.99 (save £150.01) | Amazon
    We can’t lie, the lavender color really drew us to this toothbrush. With four cleaning modes, a smart pressure sensor and revolutionary iO technology, what’s not to love?

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    Oral-B iO8 electric toothbrush with revolutionary magnetic technology, was £449.99 now £159.99 (save £290) | Amazon
    At a saving of £290, this toothbrush is an absolute bargain. Smart technology recognizes your brushing style and helps cover all your teeth so you never miss a spot. So clever.

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    Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition electric toothbrush, was £249.99 now £89.99 (save £160) | Amazon
    Another great Philips option if you want whitening. It also comes with a super handy charging travel case, making it the ideal holiday companion.

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    Oral-B Genius electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence, was £279.99 now £79.99 (Save £200) | Amazon
    If you’re looking for an electric toothbrush with all the bells and whistles, this is it. It has built-in position detection so you never miss a spot. The battery lasts more than two weeks on just one charge (making it a great choice for travelers) and it has five cleaning modes, so it’s suitable for everyone. You can even track while using the Oral-B Genius app.

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    Oral-B Design Edition Smart 4 electric toothbrush, was £129.99 now £49.99 (Save £80) | Amazon
    Want something more colorful? We have you. This Oral-B number has a round head for healthier gums, pressure sensor alerts, three cleaning modes and more.

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    Oral-B Pro 3 electric toothbrush, was £89.99 now £38.80 (saving £51.19) | Amazon
    One of the cheapest options available, this toothbrush has everything you need. The stylish design features three different modes, a battery that lasts for more than two weeks on a single charge, and 360-degree gum pressure control.

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