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Meet the cutting edge sunscreen to try this summer: La Roche-Posay Anthelios UVMUNE 400 SPF50+ |  Marie Claire

Effective sun protection and glowing skin can now happily co-exist thanks to the new ones generation sunscreens. Today’s formulas are no longer slick, greasy and chalky, but sensual formulas are as indulgent as your favorite skincare product and leave a barely noticeable finish, all while protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

When it comes to cutting-edge sun care innovation, La Roche-Posay leads the way. Frenchman pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay, part of L’Oréal, is the number one dermatologist-recommended brand in the UK*. Known for its medicinal approach and formulas suitable for sensitive skin. La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios sunscreen is particularly noteworthy as it remains the brand’s best-selling franchise and a cult favorite among consumers.

It’s easy to see why. Anthelios is guided by both affordable and high-tech services game-changing formulas. They include Anthelios Age Correct, a hybrid product that corrects and protects SPF50+. It’s so effective at improving the appearance of dark spots and increasing skin elasticity that it won a Marie Claire Skin Award. And this is the latest launch in the sun care range: Anthelios UVMUNE 400 SPF50+.

An innovative new filter

Most sunscreens on the market, including the entire Anthelios range, are broad-spectrum, meaning they protect against both UVA and UVB rays. The latter are strongest in summer and cause sunburn. On the other hand, UVA rays are present year-round and cause premature aging. New research from La Roche-Posay has shown that long UVA rays, which make up 30 percent of the UV spectrum, can penetrate deeper than UVB and shorter UVA rays, causing more damage in the form of wrinkles. pigmentation, loose skin and, in extreme cases, skin cancer.

Dr Hiva Fassihi, Consultant Dermatologist

Anthelios UVMune 400 Invisible Fluid spf50+ La Roche-Posay now provides even better protection with the addition of a better lightweight UVA filter. I recommend that my patients wear Anthelios daily, rain or shine. – Dr Hiva Fassihi, Consultant Dermatologist

To ensure you are adequately protected from UVA and UVB rays, skin experts including Dr. Hiva Fassihi, consultant dermatologist at La Roche-Posay, advises wearing sunscreen. SPF30 or more all year round, even on cloudy days. But La Roche-Posay has also gone one step further and developed a new filter called Mexoryl 400 for the new UVMune 400 SPF50+ face sunscreen. UVMune 400 SPF50+ has the most effective UV filter to protect against the most penetrating UV rays**.

UVMUNE 400 SPF50+: Our verdict

Although UVMUNE 400 SPF50+ is a new and improved formulation of the original Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF50+, it still has the same famous lightness texture and invisible finish, suitable for all skin tones. This is La Roche-Posay, UVMUNE 400 SPF50+, of course, suitable for sensitive skin. But because it dries down to a matte finish, it’s also ideal for oilier skin types and makeup on top.

Simply apply two teaspoons of UVMUNE 400 SPF50+ to your face and neck, or dab sunscreen on your index and middle fingers for an easy way to measure the right amount you should be applying. Then relax on your lounger knowing the formula is also sweat, sand and water resistant.

*A+A+A study in which 78 consultant dermatologists participated in 2021. January-March

**Extremely long UVA rays [380-400nm]. UVA causes premature aging.

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