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  • Lisa Snowdon is a strong supporter of aging, a holistic approach to health and happiness and skin care at every stage of life. That’s how it stays positive and looks so refreshing

    During the pandemic, Lisa Snowdon’s Instagram launched her Self-Care Sunday series, where she spoke to health experts on topics ranging from reducing anxiety and calming the mind to energy-boosting diet tips on how to deal with menopause and the best skin care products for radiance . She has developed a cult and is now a health expert. “I feel that we are all friends – I always advise them, we share information. It was good for me and for them, and we just helped each other stay mentally positive, ”she says of her group.

    Lisa Snowdon attributes her healthy glow in part to her 360-degree approach to skin care, saying, “When I started modeling at the ages of 17 and 18, I already knew the importance of vitamins, supplements, nutrition and hydration. Yes, you can do great makeup or make a good mask, but your mind and what you put into your body are also important. Awareness, breathing, and meditation came a little later, perhaps for the past five years I have been paying attention to my mental health and realizing how much it can affect my sleep, skin, and overall well-being.

    Snowdon signed up today as an ambassador for neck experts Prai Beauty and mentioned their products as a favorite in their skin care routine. The Prai Beauty neck range is designed to show fast stretching results with a single Ageless Throat & Decolletage cream selling every minute, the results speak for themselves. “It’s the one I use every day to restore skin firmness, hydration and get it where I want it,” says Lisa.

    I sat down with Lisa to learn all about health, wellness and skin care habits:

    What approach do you take to skin care?

    “Health and happiness are revealed in your skin. It’s a full 360-degree approach; what you put into your body and exercise definitely plays an important role and it really helps to improve blood circulation and release all the good endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happier, which in turn makes you better choose what you eat. drink and how do you sleep.

    I also like to apply the creams locally and enjoy the process, aromatherapy and touch power – but can’t just apply the moisturizer and expect the best.

    How does stress affect your skin?

    “It simply came to our notice then. I grit my teeth at night if I feel stressed, so in the morning I feel a little tightening of my jaw and I need to massage my cheeks and bottom even more. I also sleep badly when I feel stressed and just don’t feel alert, so I notice a big difference in how I treat myself, so it has a big impact.

    Do you attend regular facial treatments?

    ‘I like facials. I go to Sarah Chapman where she does a lot of deep cleaning. I also see Dr. Gayln Seleznev at the Rita Rakus Clinic for a blue light laser and heat treatments to boost collagen levels. I fight gravity and try to do it the natural way, giving my skin momentum. At home, I do a lot of gua sha, face rolling and use Current Body LED bulbs.

    How do you notice changes in your skin?

    “Gravity tries to hold my skin, so I fight it by nourishing, moisturizing and performing many facial massages. It is very important to have clean skin, so I scrub twice a week (without anything too rough or abrasive) so that the products I apply on top can penetrate or soak into the skin. Then I really understand that layering products is the way forward, lubricating upwards. If I’m a little bloated in the morning, I use my cryo balls, which I keep in the freezer.

    What do you do every day without failure?

    “I dry body brush; I do this before taking a shower on dry skin. When I get out of the shower, I apply a little oil with another body brush and just lift it on my buttocks and legs to really get the product into the skin. I like Legology, new Prai Beauty Ageless Crepe Correct Body Cream is really thick and extremely nutritious, and Weleda is also great for anti-cellulite oil.

    Do you think prevention is better than cure in the neck?

    “If I could have told my younger one not to abandon my neck, then I would have whispered; “Don’t forget your neck when you clean it, don’t forget your neck when you moisturize or use sunscreen!” If you can start young, you really should. But I think there are so many great products. I also like the little roller Eternal sore throat and décolleté serum, it is a cooling serum that tightens. I was also very impressed MenoGlow range with M&S; Not only is it great to include this conversation in the mainstream, but the products are so cool and moisturizing.

    Do you do any neck exercises?

    “I do a lot of neck stretches to support this whole technical neck; we are literally always talking about our phones. If I talk on the phone, I try to lift it a little higher, and if I go out for a walk, I always look up. I think a lot of massage is really good; when applying neck cream, also go behind the ears and just take the product behind the neck.

    Do you think touch affects your mental health?

    “I am very confident. In the evening, have a beautiful foot massage – it’s your body, it’s your skin, you have to take care of it.

    I always tell people, “You can be really angry with yourself (and I’ve been guilty of it before), looking in the mirror and thinking,‘ I don’t like it ’or‘ I need to change ’. . And you would never say such harsh words to a friend or family member, and I think we can apply that to ourselves.

    How do you feel about trusting your body?

    “There have been times in the last couple of years when things have started to change a lot and it has really affected my self-confidence. Eventually I gained weight and didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. If you don’t feel confident, you’re fighting yourself. It’s really hard to stand there and have it if you don’t feel your best. However, as you get older you have to learn to accept yourself, but you can also do it like exercise. It can help stop your urge to snack naughty, control your alcohol and sugar intake, and change your posture and attitude.

    How did you feel after going through menopause?

    “During my menopause, I had moments when I felt really confused, scared and exhausted. Many women leave their jobs because they simply don’t have the self-confidence, they no longer have the power of the brain. It greatly affects your mental health, your brain smokes, you can’t handle things, you can get anxious. That’s why I’m such a big PHT, if you can, a supporter, but also take my health seriously and also be accountable for it.

    Body skin is often really neglected. How to maintain your freshness and tone?

    “The dry body brush is perfect for blood circulation and the functioning of the lymphatic system after sleep. A cold shower is a good shock to the system and a test of mental mobility. Some days I don’t want to, but I do and it’s just very positive. Obviously, exercise is great, and using good products helps.

    What does health mean to you?

    “Health means to me to feel good inside and out, to have energy when I wake up in the morning, to be positive and grateful and excited during the day. I am very grateful to have my own health. When you feel bad, you appreciate having the energy to go out and do something, go to the gym, or make decisions about what to drink or eat. Health for me is to feel the best version of me and be happy.

    How do you maintain your positivity?

    “It simply came to our notice then. There are days when I feel a little upset or a little crazy or a little angry with George or myself. But when that happens, I realize I have to play sports, and that fixes me. If I work hard and am focused on doing Pilates or strength training, it restores me and restores balance. But mostly I’m in a positive mood because I realize I’m very lucky, I like to do what I do, I have great friends, I have a wonderful partner I love, and a wonderful family. feel really grateful. Gratitude practices are a really good way to create positivity.

    What do you do when you wake up to make sure you start the day with your right foot?

    “George and I are saying, ‘Good morning, baby!’ and in the morning let’s be really happy. We make fun of each other, get up and go. It took me a long time to get to this place, but we sincerely love each other’s company. He was the most positive force around me, especially when I was menopausal. He had a lot to face, he was incredible.

    What supplements do you swear by?

    “I always drink live active bacteria first in the morning, Symprove. I also take Correxik marine collagen capsules which are amazing with hot lemon. They contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and marine collagen. I take vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D. I rattle, basically. In the evening I take magnesium, 5HTP, CBD, energy drops, sleep drops and all that.

    What is the best beauty advice you have been given?

    “It was a desire to ensure that I get proper hydration (I drink three liters of water a day) because it improves everything in many ways. So water, sleep and laughter are all great places to start.

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