Jennifer Couture thinks you need some time to sit in a chair. However, she does not recommend therapy or counseling services. A Fort Myers stylist and licensed cosmetologist know that a visit to a salon is a necessary step in self-care. Unfortunately, many have escaped this luxury. After a pandemic, the do-it-yourself home decoration and treatment has dominated over the past few years.

But professional haircuts are more than just a new thing. As a certified hair extension and color correction specialist, Jennifer Couture has spent the last 20 years building self-confidence. It helped women feel empowered by embracing their inner beauty.

That’s why Jennifer Couture encourages others to get out of her comfort zone. This year should be defined by self-expression and experimentation. Using her experience, the salon owner offers seven hair trends for 2022. give a bold new look.

Layer out your look

The stiff styles are like last season. But even a new look will take a page from the past. Jennifer Couture hopes that the layers and volume inspired by the 90’s will re-emerge as a new “it” trend. And it is suitable for short or long hair. Cutting and texturing techniques can provide volume of any length. Although these haircuts are chic, they do not require care.

Bring Bob back

Classics never go out of style. Stylists will seek to re-introduce Bob. But it will be a turn. Jaw-length edges and chin-length incisions with the middle part will be large. Beware of bixie – a combination of pixie and bob haircuts. As Jennifer Couture notes, these styles look best just cut. Consider planning a circumcision every six weeks.

Remake retro

Fringe is back, too. These fragile, textured ends are reminiscent of grunge and rock and roll times. These haircuts were widely used in the 1970s as a tribute to the iconic image. And it is universal. It can be swept to the side, straightened or folded to frame the face.

Combine a little fantasy

Colors will not be limited to your wardrobe. Your hair will be the latest accessory to get green, blue or other bright, vibrant colors. If you try to do it at home, Jennifer Couture recommends products for specially colored hair. This keeps the shade and shine the same.

Finish with the fairy

Glitter and shine is another way to give shine. Literally. Shine, often described as “fairy hair”, is becoming increasingly fashionable. This gives your look a little color without constant painting. These shiny accents are a great shine, especially for thick hair that can withstand the extra weight.

Hug extensions

Or you can remove the shine and opt for a traditional ponytail extension. There are many popular styles, textures and lengths, making them ideal for short hair. Jennifer Couture however, warn against using any product. Buy only quality synthetic fibers that look more natural.

Pay attention to the natural

And naturalness. This year should be about who you are, especially if it means flaunting your curls and texture. Avoid underestimating your properties. Strengthen instead. Focus on removing curls and giving control to what you already have.

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