Enhance your skin care routine with an LED mask …

In collaboration with SwearBy Skin

When it comes to your skin care routine, the most recommended tool for editors and facial professionals is an LED mask. Innovative appliances promise to perform salon-friendly facials from the comfort of your home, but to date, all appliances have typically cost hundreds of pounds. So we are happy to deliver SwearBy Skin whose LED masks are available only 80 pounds.

Over the past two years, and due to various blockages, the popularity of LED masks used at home has grown and grew as everyone from Victoria Beckham to Chrissy Teigan has shared their masks on social media. Known for its many skin care benefits, the high-tech device can treat acne, help fade hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen, and reduce redness without downtime. The only downside? Price label.

With more than £ 300 worth of regular appliances, Shenae Rae, founder of SwearBy Skin, was committed to creating an affordable treatment for everyone and shared that she “wanted to create something that would be costly and help people. feel more confident in their fur ”.

Come on in, take them LookKit LED mask. With three LED light therapies: red (stimulates collagen, plumps the skin and increases its radiance), yellow (reduces pigmentation and redness) and blue (helps kill bacteria before acne). You can simply lift, soothe and smooth your skin with one convenient all-in-one device.

Customers share great reviews about their wear 3-in-1 LED mask for ten minutes three or four times a week to eliminate some of the most common skin care problems. Think redness, rashes and aging.

Although more expensive than its counterparts worn using clasps and straps that fasten around the nape of the neck, SwearBy Skinthe device is worn like sunglasses. It’s lightweight and translucent, making it great for those who seem a little claustrophobic to others.

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