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  • The star shared their product on Instagram …

    Have you ever wondered what a Florence Pugh skin care routine looks like? Same here. The star of the upcoming movie, Don’t worry, darlingan unfamiliar red carpet, it is not difficult to notice its radiant, radiant complexion.

    Luckily, the actress recently joined Instagram and shared how her skin looks so clean on a daily basis, and it’s a lot easier than you think.


    After announcing a self-made person in her story, Florence wrote, “I should thank you for my stickers, because I thank them sincerely every day.” The star was visible by wearing rainbow-colored star-shaped stickers from Starface. TikTok has been hit hard by the brand in recent years, and many lucky customers are sharing their results from the iconic stickers. Even Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing them.

    Starface Hydro-Stars Spot Sticker Set £ 11.99 | Superfood
    Accelerate skin healing and joy with 32 Starface 100% hydrocolloid stain stickers conveniently packed in a lovely yellow case with a mirror inside.

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    These handy stickers are made from hydrocolloids that help absorb fluids (such as oil and pus) and reduce inflammation. They are in perfect shape to grab facial contours and protect stains from external bacteria. In addition, they will not allow you to choose your skin, which can cause permanent scarring. Just wash your face and stick a sticker. Easy peasy.

    Celebrity-approved skincare stickers are available from Superdrug and are cheap for just £ 11.99. The stickers come in a cute tray so you can have them on hand whenever you need them and even buy refills.

    Addition to Starface Hydro-Stars, £ 8.99 | Superfood
    These hydrocolloidal anti-acne remedies have been clinically proven to help absorb fluids and reduce inflammation to reduce acne overnight.

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    For more inspiration for skin care, be sure to read our guides for the best cleanser, best tonic and best moisturizer. Don’t say we’re not treating you …

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