I’m sure it’s true when I say I’ll have to carry a giant suitcase or a ton of luggage on the trip, to put it mildly, unattractive.

Cosmetics and hygiene items make up a large portion of most women’s luggage when traveling. However, carrying it all can be quite uncomfortable and become a burden. But again, how do you know what you’re wearing and what to leave?

In this article, we talk about 5 things you should always carry home and 5 things you can leave.

1. Take: Sunscreen

No matter where you travel, it is essential to carry sunscreen with you. Despite the fact that sunscreen is very important and important, you won’t find it in many hotels. So when you travel in your handbag, you should always carry a reliable brand of sunscreen with you as you will also have to re-apply it when you are halfway from one place to another.

2. Leave: shampoo

As long as you don’t have special shampoo requirements like dandruff or something like that, you can always leave the shampoo on. Shampoos are usually provided by most hotels and cabins, they are also quite good quality. Also, since it’s not something you’ll use every day, it’s not necessary for a weekend gate and so on.

3. Take: deodorant

Deodorant is another important thing you just can’t leave, especially when traveling because you’re really going to sweat. By the way, deodorant for women those with sensitive skin should be optionally selected so as not to cause discomfort. So, you can’t use any random deodorant you find because otherwise it can cause irritation, redness, itching and so on. Carrying a deodorant will also help prevent sweat and body odor when you are on the go.

4. Leave: toothpaste

It may seem silly to us to say this, but you would be surprised to see how many people carry toothpaste with them, and a lot of it when traveling. Toothpaste is something you can easily find almost anywhere. So, unless you are using any special toothpaste for medical reasons that you cannot get anywhere else, you should leave your toothpaste tube at home. Most hotels and accommodations provide such basic goods for free.

5. Take: Skin care products

If you have a special skin care routine, be sure to carry all products with you. Especially if you think these products may not be available elsewhere. Many of us carefully oversee our skin care routine and ensure that each product is as beneficial to our skin as possible. In addition, each element is important in and of itself, and they all play a crucial role in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. So don’t forget to bring cleansers, serums, tonics and moisturizers with you. When you travel and face different weather and climates, skin care products help maintain the quality of your skin and ensure it stays healthy.

6. Leave: Lotion

While it is important to wear skin care products, you can leave the lotions on. You’ll find that you usually get good quality lotions from the hotel itself, and they’re great to use. Unlike skin care products, which have very different compositions, lotions are quite similar and usually have almost the same ingredients. However, if you are using a certain type of specially designed medical lotion, be sure to carry it or have it checked to see if you can buy it.

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