Having a round face doesn’t have to be a hard job when choosing a hairstyle

Looking for the perfect hairstyle for round faces? You are not alone, and the good news is that there are many celebrities who have mastered the art of combining their hairstyles and round face shapes.

Round faces are characterized by a softer jaw line and uniform dimensions; the widest point of the face is the middle itself, and the face is about as long as wide (longer than a wide face is oval). If you’re still not sure, compare the shape of your face to some of the celebrities below.

Award-winning hair stylist and salon owner Charlotte Mensah advises rounder faces: “Keep away from bob or a single haircut. Instead, choose layers that will provide visual clarity and more structure.

Certain styles will also lengthen your face. “You can lengthen round facial shapes by creating a soft layer just below the jaw line, keeping the shape square,” says Sam Burnett. KMS Member and owner and creative director of the World Style Council Hare and bone.

Which celebrities have round faces?

Some famous (round) faces are…

  • Emma Stone
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Selena Gomez
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Gabriel’s union
  • Janelle Monáe
  • Gemma Chan
  • Priyanka Chopra

Short hairstyles for round faces

You may have previously written off all your hair for short hair for fear that it will accentuate the roundness of your face. In fact, you can really create a short hairstyle with expert advice (and celebrity proof).

“If you choose a bob, use a few inches longer than traditional bobs to balance the roundness of your face,” Sam advises. “Creating a layering ultimately affects the shape [of your face] – Round layers should be chosen for round faces.

“Sharpening natural hair is perfect for women who want a short style with a variety of options,” adds Charlotte.

Medium length hairstyles for round faces

If you are looking for a medium length hairstyle, the good news is that your choice is quite simple. “Medium length hair looks great when well cared for. Think of more detailed, lighter styles without layers, ”says Sam. Exploring these medium length hairstyles will surely inspire you before your next trip to the salon.

Long hairstyles for round faces

hairstyles for round faces Priyanka Chopra

When it comes to hairstyles for long hair that are also suitable for round faces, there are many choices. The long and sleek models with a soft side fit perfectly, as well as providing extra volume and texture behind the chin to lengthen the face.

Hairstyles for round faces with thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair don’t necessarily have to be a complicated game with a ball – in fact, the extra volume will make the round face look less spherical with a few longer layers. When it comes to celebrities with round faces, Kate Upton is one of the stars with thick, long hair, just like Priyanka Chopra.

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Hairstyles for round faces with thin hair

When it comes to thin hair supplementation, many layers are your friend, but don’t overdo it. “If you have thin hair, keep the layers longer because the hair will look thinner and thinner when it comes back,” explains Sam. These hairstyles for thin hair are all you need so that thin hair and a round face can be a successful combination.

Hairstyles for round faces with bangs

hairstyles for round faces Cameron Diaz

“This face shape is suitable for multi-layered edges,” says Charlotte. The textured full edge provides elevation, and the layered side edges can help contour the roundness of the face. Blunt edges with harsh edges are very useless – think of the feathered and sweeping à la Cameron Diaz. Side edges like Chrissy Teigen and Emma Stone also work great.

Hairstyles for round faces with curly hair

Curls, whether they are natural or toned, are that they enhance the look of your hair and can even help lengthen your face. Grab the best curling stick and create your own or celebrate your natural spirals, curls and waves.

Scroll through our celebrity guide for the perfect hairstyles for the faces they’ve found. And to make sure you take full advantage of your facial features, read our handy guides on how to contour your face and shape your eyebrows according to your face.

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