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Glossier has just introduced a whole new range of eyeliners
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    Glossier did it again. This year, the brand introduced so many exciting products. From their solid perfume to a scented candle and even a new lilac hood, we’re not ashamed to say that we’ve spent most of our hard-earned money on the Glossier website.

    Thank God it’s almost reward day, as the brand has just released a whole new range of eyeliners, and we want everyone to.

    What started as Colorslide, Glossier’s discontinued, original eyeliner, is now a redesigned version of the Glossier eyeliner. Pencil No. 1 stops the rich, constructive, long-wearing color – after drying it is enough time to set a bright line, highlight or blur to create a diffused, smoky eye effect.

    The pencil comes in 10 semi-matte (and vegan) shades, inspired by art history archives and is designed to celebrate creative expression through beauty.

    We met Celia Burton, a famous make-up artist, who told us about the new collection and allowed us to try out the pencil ourselves. We couldn’t overcome how easily the color slipped on the envelope without getting into the skin.

    The pencil is portable and waterproof, lasts up to 12 hours. After trying it on an extremely hot day, we can confirm that it really stays in place.

    There are ten colors in the collection, which we have broken down for you below:

    • Ink – rich black
    • Frame – neutral brown
    • Furnace – rustic orange
    • Ochra – dandelion yellow
    • Fresco – dark forest green
    • Patina – light gray blue
    • Lapis – dark denim blue
    • rococo – deep eggplant
    • The muse – soft lavender
    • Canvas – pure white

    You won’t be disappointed with the choice of classic black and white shades, but we were amazed at how much we liked the more colorful options.

    Our favorite was to be Muse, a soft lavender that gives a subtle shade to your everyday makeup. Which ones are you going for?

    By Sakshi

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