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From makeup to skincare, Kate Middleton's favorite beauty products
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  • If it’s good enough for the Duchess …

    We don’t know about you, but when we get our hands on some Kate Middleton beauty products, we immediately tag them. The Duchess of Cambridge always looks like a 10/10, so if there’s any chance we can replicate that glow ourselves, we’d love to try our luck.

    There is no doubt that her bridal look from her wedding to Prince William in 2011. will go down in the beauty history books, and Kate did her own makeup for the big day. But the woman is almost always ready for the camera, has extremely healthy hair and skin, and chooses classic makeup. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that for themselves?

    So without further ado, read on for the beauty products that are lucky enough to have the royal seal of approval, from skincare to Kate Middleton’s favorite perfume.

    Kate Middleton Makeup Favorites

    Generally speaking, Kate’s signature makeup look consists of groomed brows, lined eyes, a healthy glow to her cheeks and a nude lip. During her appearance at Wimbledon, we rarely saw the Duchess using a beauty product in public; namely the classic Clarins Natural Lip Perfector. We’d say the above looks like an equally classic shade, Rose Shimmer.

    Clarins Natural Lip Enhancer Rose Shimmer, £18.50 | John Lewis
    Gentle texture with a deliciously sweet scent. Thanks to this Clarins lip product, the lips look shiny and plump and soft and smooth. Transparent but colorful enough to wear alone or add to your favorite lipstick shade.

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    As for Kate Middleton’s lipstick of choice? It’s usually Bobbi Brown’s lip color in Sandwash Pink, which she wore to the royal wedding.

    Bobbi Brown Lip Color, £ 26 | Fenwick
    The bestseller that started it all, Bobbi Brown’s iconic creamy, semi-matte lipstick was the first formula to launch (and sell out instantly). The secret to his success? A comfortable, full-coverage color that gives lips an instant shine.

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    Everyone has their favorite mascara, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s mascara is a classic, Lancôme’s Hypnôse Mascara in black. No wonder her eye makeup is always so spot on.

    Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara, £ 22.80 | John Louis
    A concentrate of beautiful, intense pigments adorns lashes that appear to have up to six times more volume.

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    Kate Middleton hair products

    Kate Middleton Makeup Wedding

    We’re all the envy of that obsession, and when you look at Kate Middleton’s hair, it’s no wonder so many people use her as a point of reference in the barber’s chair. So what does she look like behind those shiny, glossy locks?

    Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin and Lait Vital Duo, £ 47.10 | Looks fantastic
    Dry your hair with “Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2” and “Nutritive Lait Vital”; an innovative hair care duo that promises to cleanse, nourish and moisturize thirsty strands. Expect gentle, smooth hair and shine.

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    According to Alur, if you want K-Middy hair, this is the Kérastase duo you are looking for, as the Duchess is reportedly a fan of Bain Satin Shampoo and the conditioner that comes with it. This is not surprising as so many celebrities advertise this brand as their favorite hair care product – Millie Mackintosh, Mollie King and Tess Daly.

    Kate Middleton skin care products

    Ah, the Kate Middleton glow. What exactly does she use to get such a glowing complexion? We have made it our mission to find out…

    Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil £ 19.99 | The Netherlands and Barrett
    Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil provides comprehensive nourishment and restores optimal health for all skin types.

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    This organic oil, rich in vitamin C, omega and fatty acids, is said to have been Kate’s favorite throughout her pregnancy. It is believed that this is the recommendation of her mother Carole, who also likes it, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Magic.

    Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel £43.68 | Amazon
    Biotulin is applied to the face as a soothing lotion. Absorbs quickly, smoothes the skin to make it soft and elastic.

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    According to the latter, the Duchess of Cambridge actually recommended this “natural alternative to botox” to her former first lady, Michelle Obama. For this reason, we are ready to bathe our skin with objects.

    Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi 3 Spot Zapper, £ 35 | John and Ginger
    This powerful 3% oxygen formula literally removes bacteria from the skin like a mini vacuum. Use it wherever needed to increase the skin’s ability to heal and repair unwanted blemish or stain.

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    Have you ever seen the place of the Duchess of Cambridge? No, we don’t either. This is probably due to the fact that she is apparently a big fan of the Swiss beauty brand Karin Herzog and, more specifically, of this anti-blemish face cream.

    Kate Middleton’s favorite scent

    Of course, we couldn’t attend the royal wedding, but we can imagine how it smelled… No really, Westminster Abbey was scented with the classic Jo Malone London scent, an Orange Blossom candle (or several). Did you know that this scent is also available as a perfume, and apparently it’s one of Kate’s favorites.

    His Malone London orange flower scented candle, £50 | John Lewis
    The intense scent of orange blossoms wafting into the air from a home candle creates the effect of fresh flowers flowing through open windows.

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    We don’t know how you are, but Kate Middleton’s favorite beauty products are seriously forcing us to rethink the basics of a beauty bag.

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