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  • Emma Roberts embodies positivity, her energy, charisma and authenticity that has earned millions of fans around the world.

    From her work in the film to her incredible Belletrist Book Clubeverything she touches turns to gold because of her hard work, courage and determination.

    It’s no surprise, then, that she was chosen to be the face of BOSS ALIVE, and the powerful perfume water celebrates women’s courage everywhere.

    New BOSS ALIVE Intensive The scent aims to enable women to look at each day with an adventurous spirit and live passionately, and Emma Roberts returns to the star of the new campaign, raising her unmistakable charisma and aura of positivity.

    Feature Editor Jenny Proudfoot we sat down with Emma to learn more about the campaign and talk about motherhood, books, and the importance of girls.

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    What role do smells play in your life?

    Smell has always played an important role for me. Even as a child, I remember saying, “When I get older, I want to have a distinctive scent.” I always thought it was so chic – the way my mom or the mothers of other friends smell. I felt very adult and cool to have a smell. So when I got older, even as a teenager, I always made sure I had a specific smell. So when I was asked to become the face of BOSS ALIVE, I was very excited because I had chosen my branded scent, and it was just amazing. When we first started working together, BOSS ALIVE had notes of vanilla in it – it was just me and it was in this amazing pink bottle. And now with BOSS ALIVE Intense I am very happy to wear two different scents – I can take turns. But there are raspberries and vetiver in this, and I’ve always loved the notes of vetiver in perfume. Also, it has an amazing bottle that I can look at on my cosmetic. I also like the messages – it reads LIVE, and I smile every time I watch.

    The messages are about daring to live intensely and spread positive energy. How important are those qualities to you?

    Those qualities are very important to me. What I liked about this campaign was that it wasn’t photographed. It was very natural. Photographer Collier, who is one of my favorite photographers, really wanted to capture each of us girls as we are – confident and fun. And I just enjoyed it endlessly. Sometimes you see ads and don’t even recognize the people in them, so I liked that BOSS allowed us to really contribute to this campaign. And it made me trust where they were, we want you to look like you and feel like you. I just love those posts and it was a real honor for me to be a part of it, all the more so knowing that the campaign made people feel and trust themselves. I’ve always thought that the most beautiful person in a room doesn’t necessarily have to be with the most expensive clothes or the most makeup, but the most confident and vibrant. So I like that we’re moving these messages through the BOSS ALIVE campaign.

    What gives you confidence?

    I think what gives me confidence depends on the day and what I do, and I’m sure everyone can come to terms with that. Sometimes you just wake up and feel confident without makeup, wearing sports pants, and just have a great day when you feel “on it”. In other cases, you need to pick up a little more, so make a face mask and shrink a little more. But I think I’m most confident at the end of the day when I’m near people like my girls who support each other and make me feel the most confident and secure. People who highlight what is best in you and you are the best of them. Nothing is better than having been away for a while, going home, eating girls for dinner, keeping up, and there’s just no moment of dead air.

    You seem to be surrounded by positivity and support. How important are we to strengthen each other?

    I think it’s very important, especially over the last couple of years when we’ve been through one of the hardest things in our lives together. I remember just trying to sign up with some friends who were having a hard time. And I’ve noticed that many of my friends sign up with me more than usual. So yes, I think it’s more important than ever to connect with people and make them feel important and feel good. This is extremely important.

    How would you say motherhood changed you?

    My God. We could talk about it all day. Obviously, that has changed me – motherhood can’t help but change you. I think it really made me slow down and be more grateful for quiet moments. I used to just work all the time and walk non-stop. Having a child will really slow down and be more in the moment, for which I am very, very grateful.

    Can we talk about Belletrist?

    Belletrist is my book club on Instagram. And it all started with really love for books between two best friends, me and my best friend Karah. She lived in New York, and I lived in Los Angeles, and the only thing we like more than reading is getting mail, so we sent each other packets of books in the mail with postcards. And so our friendship developed over the years as we lived on the opposite shores. Instagram then came up and I started publishing books we liked and noticed that I was very interested in it, especially from young women who were very eager to have recommendations and talk about them. I just felt like there was something there, and I wanted to create a community where young women and men, but mostly women, could go and have meaningful conversations and learn amazing stories. Books are the way to go, but it’s not the best reader, but curiosity about history. And it grew into something that far exceeded my wildest expectations. I remember screaming with Karah when we reached 5,000 followers and now have 268,000. I just get excited when people say they like a book club, and it’s also great when I can talk about more than just acting and sharing other things with the world.

    What role do books play in your life now?

    I am literally the one who is stopped by airport security because there are too many books in my bag. I just love my books and they are very expensive to me. I will recommend books, I will buy books for people, but I will not lend my books to anyone. I think I borrowed a few books but didn’t return them or had to look for people. So now I’m going to send you a new copy, but I’m very safe with my books.

    Do you have a favorite book of all time?

    Oh, how hard it is, and that’s changing. I change this answer in every interview just because I want to recommend more books to people. So if anyone realizes that my favorite book is always changing, why not. But I think there’s a book I like and back to Make me scream, make me burn by Leslie Jamison. There’s a short story about reincarnation that I think is one of the most interesting and beautiful stories, and I recommend it to everyone. So that’s good because it’s a short story, so you’ll find something different in each chapter. And then I always recommend Joan Didion to people. I think Blue nights is just one of the most beautiful books of all time. I read it every couple of years and I get something different every time. So I would recommend this. Especially if you haven’t read any Joan Didion, Blue nights there is a way inside, really.

    What is the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

    Probably it would be from my mom. She always told me that less is more. Especially when I was in my teens, when I wanted to wear a hard eyeliner and red lipstick, she said, “Less is more – please take it off.”

    Which garment has the most sentimental value in your wardrobe?

    I have this light blue Balenciaga bag, which was the first designer item I ever bought for my money. I bought it because Mary-Kate Olsen had mint green Balenciaga. I didn’t find it, so I chose light blue instead and just remember thinking, “Wow, I’ll never want another basket again,” which of course wasn’t true. But I still have it. It’s spotted and smashed, but I just really like it because it just reminds me how much I wanted it and how I saved money to buy it. I just love it.

    What is the best career advice you have ever received?

    Oh god, such a good question. I feel like what I’m doing is learning a lot and taking time to reflect. When we founded Belletrist and when I started my acting career, there were so many things I didn’t know then and now I know. But in the end, I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I’m happy with the journey he took me on. Even those things that were very difficult taught me a lot, so now I have advice I can give to other people – beware of it, don’t do it, or don’t listen when they say it. So I try to take time for reflection so that I can do better next time or advise others not to make the same mistakes.

    BOSS ALIVE Intensive perfume water Available in 80 ml, 50 ml and new 30 ml.

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