Entering the world of K-beauty can be confusing and overwhelming because they have their own ways and beliefs on how to achieve beautiful skin. From using unique ingredients in your beauty products to a 10 step skin care routine. While most people are happy with the combination of water and soap for their “skin care,” Korean women are very careful when it comes to what happens to their face.

In short, Korean skin care products strongly believe that proper product layering can maximize the benefits of the products used. However, this is not so easy, because we were not taught to take preventive skin care at a young age. Korean makeup, on the other hand, is designed to enhance your natural beauty rather than using thick makeup to hide your true look.

Don’t worry, you’re never too late to start! We will introduce you to the K-beauty brand, which has earned a cult from all over the world. The brand means young woman (Miss), sexy, healthy and active. Missha is a global beauty brand offering high quality Korean beauty products at an affordable price, because for them, beauty products should not be a pleasure but a necessity.

Now let’s find out if their beauty products deserve your time and money.

Everywhere around Safe Block Essence Sun.

Sunscreen is considered essential in the Korean skin care routine. This best-selling sunscreen has SPF45 + PA +++ sun protection, which protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays by nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It has a very light formula you won’t even feel!

Does not leave whiteness even on darker skin tones, at the same time soothes and soothes irritated skin. This product is perfect for everyday use before applying makeup, it will not smear even on the hottest days. You don’t have to worry about it peeling off because it’s non-sticky, non-greasy, resistant to sweat and water.

Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx

This essence became cult immediately after it was released because of the highly effective formula that fascinated the market. Essences in general cannot be missed in a Korean skin care routine as it is considered an enhancer of your other products.

With 95% kitten yeast enzyme, it can intensively moisturize the skin, and with the advanced Missha technology Pro Ferment α ™, maximum penetration is achieved. It can also greatly improve overall skin color and health. You can expect smoother and radiant skin after just a few uses.

Durable magical cushion cover

If you are looking for something perfectly covered, this product may be your next essential product. This cushion base offers sun protection SPF50 + PA +++ with silica bead powder, which regulates the release of grease and sweat and ensures a long-lasting effect. It also effectively hides skin imperfections and retains moisture in the skin.

You can also use it alone if a lazy day will still make you look brighter and smoother. You never have to go out naked and there are signs of dry spots and acne everywhere!

Time Revolution Night Repair Probio ampoule

In fact, Missha has surpassed herself again with this night amp. It contains a rich blend of fermented products that helps with aging skin. In addition, it contains 10 types of probiotics that strengthen skin barriers, so you can get dewy, smooth and plump skin the next morning.

It can repair skin damage while lightening and moisturizing the skin. Premature aging is a very common phenomenon these days, but using this product will not cause any problems! Trust us when we say it can work wonders overnight. The formula is gentle even on sensitive skin.

So are they worth it?

Definitely worth it. You get not only what you pay for, but more than what you pay for. However, this may depend on your skin type, as the effects of the products may vary. To make sure, read the list of ingredients carefully to avoid unexpected allergic reactions. If you liked these products, you should check out more of their products! They have a wide range of high quality products from makeup to skin care products. Welcome to the cult!

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