As for the best hairstyles for oval faces, this edit is all you need for inspiration from List A

Looking for the best hairstyles for oval faces? Look no further as this is the ultimate option for perfect haircuts and styles to match the shape of your face.

The good news is that oval faces are often considered the most versatile by hairdressers when it comes to the style that suits him. “This face shape is suitable for almost any type of short hair, cut from extremely short to the chin or to the shoulders,” says Charlotte Mensahan award-winning hair stylist and expert in natural afro hair.

“The most important thing to consider is the natural texture of the individual,” adds Sam Burnett. KMS Member and owner of the style council and creative director Hare and bone. “It will determine style, shape and length.”

How do you know if your face is oval?

The first thing first is how to do do you identify oval facial shapes? They are quite similar to round faces in that their jaw line is softer, but the main difference is that they are longer than wide – meaning the distance from the forehead to the chin will be noticeably greater than the width of the face. Your forehead will also probably be wider than your chin. Celebrities like Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Naomi Campbell are great examples.

Hairstyles for oval faces with long hair

One thing you’ll notice more than once with long-haired celebrities is that their hair is always in great condition. “The biggest thing to remember when hair is long is that it needs to look healthy,” says Sam. “It doesn’t make sense to have long unhealthy hair because their length will always depend on the condition.” Charlotte adds: “With natural african hair, long stretches across the crown give you the opportunity to create an image that meets your sense of fashion and lifestyle needs.”

Hairstyles for oval faces with medium length hair

Beech average style is without a doubt one of the hottest hairstyles at the moment. “Medium length hair looks great when well cared for; think of more detailed, boring styles without layering, ”says Sam. “If a person’s hair tends to curl, it’s best to keep the hair on the longer side of the medium size – the longer and heavier the hair, the more controlled it will be.”

Hairstyles for oval faces with short hair

Because your face shape is so diverse, you can work in almost any short style – lob, bob, pixie crop, the possibilities are endless. And when it comes to Afro hair, “tapered, natural hair is perfect for women who want a short style with a variety of options,” says Charlotte.

Hairstyles for oval faces with thin hair

The key to thinner hair is not to overlay your style. “If you have thin hair, keep the layers longer because over-layered hair will look thinner and thinner,” says Sam. Look for inspiration in stars like Keira Knightley to create thinner hair or Jennifer Lawrence’s gentle haircut.

Hairstyles for oval faces with thick hair

hairstyles for oval faces Rihanna

Of course, thick hair is great because you often don’t need to add much volume or texture when using a hot style, especially if they are curly, wavy, or cut in layers. Kim Kardashian often wears thick hair in a “wet” style, making her hair look thinner, and Kate Middleton prefers large and sharp curls at the ends of her hair.

Hairstyles for oval faces with curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair, avoid many short layers as this will increase the volume of your hair and make it grow outwards rather than downwards. When it comes to celebrity inspiration, Rihanna’s hair is often seen in full curls and she’s no stranger to a large, textured tuft. Hair queen Kate Middleton, meanwhile, often chooses loose and sharp curls.

Hairstyles for oval faces with bangs

The beauty of the oval-shaped face is that the full edges will not look overly rounded; Jessica Biel is perfect for bangs and corrugated locks. And when she adorned herself a few years ago, J-Law feather bangs were a great example of how to create a soft edge with an oval face.

Ready for some ideas? Scroll through the gallery below to see some of our favorite oval-faced celebrity hairstyles.

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